Our success depends upon the safety of our team
and those around us. Kirk is 100% committed to
providing a safe working environment.

Safety is job number 1 at Kirk.

All employees undergo safety training and follow our strict safety guidelines. The importance of safety on the job site is and always will be our number 1 priority. We strive for 0 lost-time accidents per year and have achieved our goal for each of the last 3 years.

Kirk's goals for working safe are clearly defined at the beginning of each job. We realize that the prevention of incidents and the achievement of safe work practices are of tremendous importance.

Of equal importance is our responsibility to provide safe working conditions for both the health and welfare of our employees.

Our commitment to allocating the resources to have the highest quality equipment available helps ensure that employees are provided the safest possible access to their work.


Employees from every level of the company are involved in our safety process and are rewarded for their safe contributions. Everyone benefits through a safer, more productive jobsite.

We understand that PPE is essential in the workplace to minimize or eliminate as many accidents as possible. All Kirk employees are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on the job.

In addition, we strictly comply with all OSHA guidelines regarding workplace safety.