Our highly experienced team and top of the line
equipment allows us to handle a wide variety of soil
conditions and jobs including hard rock substrates,
challenging landscapes, roads, wetlands, river
crossings and much more.

Until all terrain drilling technology was developed, encountering rocky soil meant one thing: find another place to drill. But with our all-terrain directional drills and cutting edge terrain mapping systems, rock is just another type of soil. Although all our drills blast through rock, it is certainly not the only thing they can do. Our drills feature high torque and a wide range of speeds that make them the most effective drills currently availlable for the widest range of ground formations — so they easily plow through any type of soil and terrain.

From road crossings to rivers, we have the capabilities to get the project done on time and on budget. In addition, our state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced team has the capability to engineer and design bore profiles for challenging situations.


  • We're ready - Our extensive management and field experience in directional drilling, combined with the most advanced and powerful HDD equipment available, allow us to take on any project, anywhere.

  • From road crossings to rivers, we can drill it- Hard rock, dirt, city streets, under streams, under wetlands, steep terrain and more.

  • We can pull it - Our 500,000 lb. pullback capabilities allow for a wide range of diameters; from 2 inches up to in excess of 48 inches.

  • Kirk goes the distance - Our machines are capable of drilling up to several thousand feet in one bore.